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How Micro Crushers Offer Huge Value in Such a Small Package

By npadmin

If you are new to the world of demolition, urban planning, or mining, then you may not be familiar with the tremendous value that the best micro crushers by Senya Crushers offer businesses and organizations. While micro crushers, also known as compact crushers, have been available for the last 30 years, the science and technology within these machines has evolved significantly offering better performance while streamlining the entire job process from start to finish. Today’s experienced contractors in the US are always searching for more efficient and affordable ways to deal with concrete, rock and other materials designed for waste or to recycle and resell as another product. Micro crushers are smaller versions of the bigger machines that offer multiple advantages that one simply doesn’t get with the mammoth versions. This article is intended to help newly appointed contractors learn what kind of value micro crushers can bring to your organization.

Micro Crushers Help You Keep Costs Down to A Minimum

Cutting back on costs is a critical aspect of business, and one that is always front and center on the minds of contractors. As a result, more experienced contractors are turning to micro crushers to complete jobs that previously required the traditional, larger equipment necessary for hauling material off site. Multiple surveys prove that onsite recycling saves organizations a tremendous amount of time and money, and contractors that use micro crushers for onsite recycling of asphalt and concrete for bridge and road rehab projects stand to save the most. 

Not only are Senya Crusher micro crushers aggressively priced and are significantly less money than the larger equipment that teams haul to worksites, they also quickly pay for themselves through the efficiency of onsite material reprocessing. Now even more savings are achieved in transport costs, including fuel and employee time. Senya Crushers understands that half the cost of aggregate is transportation alone, so when contractors can eliminate costs by processing materials onsite, the savings are substantial. 


Senya Micro Crushers Come In At A Cost Any Organization Can Justify

Senya Crushers is dedicated to offering the best pricing in the market along with the highest quality. That said, when you shop other manufacturers, you will notice that most micro crushers are priced around $500,000, but a Senya Crusher model can be purchased for less than $200,000. In fact, customers report that the Senya 3 paid for itself in the first several months of use. 

Even though portability revolves around the center of savings, the lower initial costs and maintenance costs for Senya’s micro crushers is significant. The Senya 3 can run for an entire day on less than $50 worth of fuel. One reason for this is that Senya crushers utilize electric generators as opposed to hydraulic drives found in other brands that always consume more fuel and run into more repair and maintenance needs. 

Micro Crushers Offer Affordable Mobility

Because Senya micro crushers are easy to transport, organizations are able to save a lot on fuel, time and logistics. Micro crushers can be towed on typical towboy trailers, and their compact design makes them easy to set up and tear down for transportation. Many micro crushers can also be towed with a pickup or a landscape trailer. 

Senya Micro Crushers Can Handle Any Material Hardness, Saving Time and Money

Every year thousands of dollars are wasted by contractors who try to push equipment beyond their tolerance threshold. Senya Crushers identified this problem, and engineered the highest quality micro crushers on the market that eliminate hardness concerns, making this a non-issue. As we evolved our micro crushers, one of the areas focused on was the flywheel to ensure it offers maximum crushing power within a small chassis and space. At first, there was a plan to reduce the size, but this was ultimately dismissed to ensure the crushing power would be at maximum capacity.While some competitor machines may weigh less, their crushing strength isn’t anywhere as powerful as a Senya micro crusher’s capabilities. We know the extra weight, which is still significantly less than traditional equipment, was worth the design because with it comes twice the crushing power compared to competitor micro crushers, lower maintenance cost, and the durability is significantly better. Senya micro crushers can take the hardest rock and crush it like a kiddie scissor-cutting party. 

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