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Finance B2B Equipment from Competing Lenders

  • When suppliers and lenders compete, making smart equipment decisions is easy.
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Senya Crusher equipment finance

Request finance offers from competing lenders

To preserve capital and manage cash flow, most APPROVED business customers choose to finance the purchase of their equipment with affordable monthly payments. We’ve gathered the nation’s top equipment finance companies into a powerful network of lenders ready to compete to earn your business.
Approve Finance Option
Here’s how it works:

‘Apply for Financing’ and submit our 30-second application.

Compare up to 3 finance offers from competing lenders.

Choose the best offer and your equipment is on the way.

Dedicated Finance Application Specialists for a single point of contact through out your application process!


When lenders compete, application approval rates go up and costs go down.

Apply below in 30 seconds and wait for the offers to come in!

(click on the corresponding MICRO Crusher Application for a custom app for your machine)

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Finance Application for the Senya 3



Approve Finance Option



Approve Finance Option