Wet Concrete Recycling Machines


  • Wet concrete recycling machine national patented technology, with the flow of 40m³/h.
  • Sand-gravel separation vibrating screen national patented technology; particles of above 0.075mm can be separated, with the efficiency>90%.
  • Hydro-cyclone separation system national patented technology; particles of above 0.075mm can be separated, with the efficiency>90%.
  • Arc groove for vehicle washing national patented technology; the problem of material discharging is solved.
  • Thorough separation silt content in the discharging material is less than 1%, and the water content is less than 7%.

High Efficiency & Durability

Wet concrete recycling machine

  • Hydro-cyclone separation pump: All blades are made of high-chromium alloy (Wear-resistant and replaceable); The position of bearing is higher than the liquid level (The problem of sealing is solved).
  • Sewage disposal system: Mixing impeller is equipped (The precipitated silt is hit into the turbulent flow); The flow-passing parts are made of high-chromium alloy.
  • Sewage disposal system: The mixer and water pump impeller can run without wear; No silting or sedimentation, and no blocking.

Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection

  • Zero emission: Recycling utilization of national resources, and environmental protection.
  • Energy conservation: Accurate control of the running time, to save every ounce of energy.
  • Safety and reliability – Slope-free design: No need of climbing the slope during vehicle washing, without shoveling materials in pit;
    Civil engineering is saved.
  • Concentrated handling for slurry: The production quality of concrete is guaranteed.
  • Highly intelligent – Full-automatic control: The system automatically runs when photoelectric sensor senses the positioning of tank truck.
  • Acoustic, optical and electrical alarming protection: Safe operation of equipment is guaranteed
  • Procedural control interface
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Multiple Options for Value-Added Services

  • Water treatment plan for sites
  • Suggestions for use of slurry
  • Concentration monitoring of slurry
  • Slurry filter pressing system
  • 5t recycled water mixing tank
  • Container-type wet concrete recycling equipment

Benefits From Our Services

  • Small covering area
  • Less civil engineering
  • Convenient transfer

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Making Comparisons

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