Senya S2318DOT MICRO Conveyor


Senya S2318DOT Micro Conveyor: The Ultimate Towable Micro Conveyor Solution

Senya Tech is proud to be home to the revolutionary S2318DOT Micro Conveyor, a game-changer in aggregate processing. Reduce costs by eliminating another step in aggregate material handling costs.

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Unveiling the S2318DOT Micro Conveyor 

The S2318DOT Towable Micro Conveyor was carefully designed and proudly constructed right here in the United States. It’s the only DOT-approved radial yard conveyor in the world, thanks to its exceptional specifications and enhanced portability and safety.

Conveyor Specs

This radial yard conveyor features:

  • A compact length of 23 ft. 6 in.
  • 15 ft. max discharge height
  • 18 in. wide belt
  • Steep climb belt cleat Pattern (other belt styles available)
  • 35 degree troughing idlers CEMA C (belt trough depth)
  • 15-18 amp (start amps) 480V power, 110v available
  • 9-11 amp (running amps) 480V power, 110v available
  • On/Off switch
  • Loading hopper with skirting
  • 80 tons per hour (TPH) at 100 lbs. per cu. ft. product density
  • Deep “low profile” green color for minimal visual impact in residential and commercial areas

An Emphasis on Portability

The undercarriage continues to impress with enhancements like:

  • DOT Approved single axle and wheels for towing ease
  • Drop down “RADIAL YARD UPGRADE” option to distribute your pile in a radius across your yard
  • 2 in. ball coupler
  • 3,500 lbs capacity axle with camber
  • Radial trailer tires
  • Hydraulic hand pump scissor lift mechanism
  • Infinitely Adjustable lift arms
  • Safety hydraulic restriction orifice valve
  • Balanced tongue weight for towing stability
  • Conveyor rest in down position
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23’ x 18“
length x width

80 tph
Convey Capacity (t/h)

480 Volt or 110v available

Service and Parts

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Transforming the Aggregate Processing Industry with the S2318DOT Micro Conveyor 

This yard conveyor with drop down wheels makes it easy to start a new pile without repositioning equipment! All you have to do is:

  • Crank wheels up for transport
  • Crank legs/wheels down to move radially across the site
  • Crank it up, move it, crank it down and keep crushing! 


Leading the Micro Aggregate Processing Revolution

Our radial yard conveyor is a pioneer in this industry, reducing material handling costs, demolition disposal and tipping fees on every job.

The Multifaceted S2318DOT Micro Conveyor

This conveyor is ideal as an aggregate yard conveyor and stacker with its retractable wheels and flexible features. Convey wet concrete, ice to maintain your wet concrete setting temperature, topsoil, glass, and many other materials. 480v 3 phase “Plug and Convey” Compatibility, simply plug into your crusher-no need for additional power source. 110v and gas engine drive options available.

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Why Senya Tech’s S2318DOT Micro Conveyor is the Right Choice 

Our conveyor is ready to enhance your operations from the moment it arrives on site whether directly loading trucks or distributing your pile across your yard with the Radial Yard Upgrade option. The MICRO Conveyor effectively removes the loading/moving step and the cost of running that machinery. Featuring steep angled idlers/rollers and a heavily cleated belt, our conveyor gives a much steeper “angle of convey than traditional 3-1 rise to run conventional conveyors. Our S2318 gives a 15.5′ discharge height on only a 23′ conveyor with almost half the length of traditional conveyors giving the ultimate in portability in keeping with our entire MICRO Plant’s primary benefit.

Delivering Unbeatable Value

Senya Tech consistently crushes our competition with our unbeatable prices. Your concrete conveyor will save you money from the start and for as long as you use it.

Revolutionizing Your Operations

Let Senya Tech provide quality operational support by automating another step in your aggregate processing with the S2318DOT Micro Conveyor. Get a free quote today and discuss your financing options when you contact us online or call (919) 323-4830.

Diversifying Your Options With Senya Tech 

Our Micro Conveyor isn’t your only option — Senya Tech has a variety of crushers, screen plants, and conveyors designed to suit all your ever-changing needs with our entire MICRO Plant lineup all designed to work seamlessly together with “Plug and Crush Compatibility”. We can also provide the most efficient and cost effective crushing and aggregate processing solution from the largest and hardest material on down to the smallest 400 mesh output. Tells us you inout size, haerdness of material, desired output size and tons per hour and let our expert engineers figure out your best solution to your processing needs

Comprehensive Range of Crushers

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Comprehensive Range of Crushers

Our selection includes jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and all their accessories, allowing you to mix and match until you find the ideal setup for your needs.

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Versatile Portable Crushing Plants

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Versatile Portable Crushing Plants

These crushers go where you do, and are capable of being transported while completely assembled, allowing you to get to work as soon as they arrive on site.

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Advanced Crawl Crushing Plants

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Advanced Crawl Crushing Plants

Our crawl crushing plants are ideal for use in mining, construction, recycling and crushing industries. Find equipment for crushing, scalping, screening and more here.

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Senya Tech’s S2318DOT Micro Conveyor offers value, flexibility and portability for any loading operation. Ease your largest equipment challenges by choosing our solutions today.

Check out the entire MICRO Plant, can also load directly to the trucks with 15’6″ max discharge height!

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