Senya 6 Portable Jaw Crusher

Senya 6: Portable Concrete Crusher – Revolutionizing the Industry

Senya Crushers is proud to bring you the ultimate solution for your concrete recycling needs. The Senya 6 Portable Concrete Crusher is set to revolutionize the aggregate processing industry, delivering the perfect combination of substantial production capacity and convenient portability.

  • Magnetic Conveyor Automatically removes rebar, wire and other metals like it wasn’t even there.

  • Portability/Productivity – Pull with a Dump or large Pickup Truck and produce 400-500 tons daily.

  • Only Senya MICRO Crushers have USA made, titled and vin’d chassis

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Unveiling the Senya 6 Portable Concrete Crusher

Incorporating powerful portable concrete crushing equipment like the Senya 6 into your arsenal can eliminate costly demo disposal and aggregate purchase costs greatly improving your productivity and profitability.

Senya 6

80 t/h max
Crushing Capacity

16″ x 24“
Feed Opening

3/4″ to 1″
Output Range

Senya 6 rock crusher in action

The Power of Portable Concrete Crushers

With the Senya 6 Portable Concrete Crusher on your site, there’s no need to waste precious time and resources on transporting concrete debris off-site or sink money into costly outsourced crushing or disposal and tipping fees. Regardless of your industry, you’ll have complete control over the concrete crushing and recycling process while increasing your productivity and mitigating the need to dispose of the concrete or purchase aggregate for your projects.

Senya 6: The Ultimate Portable Concrete Crusher

Made in the USA with a crushing capacity of up to 80 tons per hour, the Senya 6 is designed to streamline your operation and maximize productivity.

This incredible crusher comprises the following essential features:

  • Wide opening jaw crusher: It has a 16- by 24-inch jaw feed opening for crushing sizable concrete chunks.
  • Dual conveyor crushing plant: The Senya 6 has a two conveyor system to process debris and aggregate faster.
  • Metals removal feature: This concrete crusher’s magnetic conveyor removes rebar, wire, and metal components for you.
  • Optimal output range: It produces aggregate ranging from 3/4″ to 1″, suitable for a broad range of applications.
  • Massive Crushing Power on a very compact chassis: This crusher can easily process any aggregate or hardness of material, it eats concrete like popcorn!
a yellow excavator is loading gravel into a trailer

Exploring the Capabilities of Senya 6

The Senya 6 is a DOT-approved portable concrete crusher, which means you can easily transport it to and from your site with large pickup or dump trucks. You can use it on-site to crush all your demolished concrete debris without removing the rebar first. This robust crusher can easily produce and sort 500 to 600 tons of aggregate daily, ruling out the need to purchase aggregate for your project.

Complete your MICRO plant setup with a premium MICRO conveyor or MICRO screen plant from our comprehensive range and gain the ability to load crushed and sorted aggregate directly to your dump trucks with minimal labor.

View and Download our MICRO Crusher Spec sheet here:

MICRO Mobile Crushers Spec Sheet

a rock crusher that has logo on the side of it

Answering Your Questions About the Senya 6 Portable Concrete Crusher

We are dedicated to answering your questions and helping you find the right crushing equipment for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love hearing about your projects and are experts on advising the best solution for each individual job and your business needs and potential!

What type of crusher is best for concrete?
The best concrete crushing machine is a portable crusher that offers versatility in jaw feed and output size, saves money and minimizes waste with minimal to negligible daily operating and maintenance costs. The Senya 6 Portable Concrete Crusher makes transporting and setting up a crusher on-site quick and easy, boasts a sizable jaw feed opening, and offers a useful aggregate output size range. Though highly portable, this beast can easily crank out 400-500 tons per day!


If you’re looking for a dynamic concrete crusher you can use for various projects, call us to discuss the Senya 6 Portable Concrete Crusher, brought to you by Senya Crushers. We are pioneering the MICRO crusher category of crushers, screeners, and conveyors as we continually push the envelope of the technology providing an extensive range of MICRO crushing equipment with all the latest “bells and whistle” upgrades and options to make your project as productive and profitable as possible.

Call us or contact us online today for a free quote or to discuss your concrete crushing needs!

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