Senya 600 Portable Jaw Crusher

Senya 600 Portable Jaw Crusher

  • Main Feature: Productivity with fines and metals removal producing 400-500 tons per day!

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Additional Features

100% Portable

The Senya 600 Portable Jaw Crusher is 100% portable and easy to move around any job site. Transportation and re-positioning of the Senya PP600 is far more convenient that stationary jaw crushers with similar capabilities. It features three conveyors. The main for aggregate, the second for fines/dirt, and the third has a magnet that pulls out rebar, wire, and other metal fragments.

High Crushing Capacity

The Senya 600 Portable Jaw Crusher is designed to crush between 60 and 80 tons per hour. On an average work day, this machine can crush well over 500 tons.

Creates Very Small Material

The Senya 600 Portable Jaw Crusher can crush material down to sizes ranging from 1 to 4 inches. The wide range of output sizes can create crushed rock for a variety of applications, from road base to decorative walkways.

Designed Personally by the Owner

The Senya 600 Portable Jaw Crusher has been designed personally by Senya Tech’s Owner and Head Engineer. This product has been years in the making, and the Senya 600 has been crafted with the highest care and foresight. Everyone at Senya Tech can personally guarantee that the Senya PP600 Portable Jaw Crusher is the most versatile crusher for any crushing project you have.

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Senya 600

Up to 80 TPH
Crushing Capacity

16″ x 24“
Max. Feed Size

1″ x 4“
Output Range

Senya 600 Portable Jaw Crusher

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