Micro Screen Plant: Revolutionizing Aggregate Processing With the Ultimate in Processing Mobility

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Unveiling the Micro Screen Plant

Discover the Micro Screen Plant by Senya Tech, an innovative solution engineered with extreme mobility to revolutionize aggregate processing for small to mid-sized contractors. 

Built on the same DOT Approved and Titled chassis as our highly mobile Senya 3 (pull with a pickup), Senya Crushers rounds out our Micro Processing Plant component offering with a Micro Screen plant simultaneously sorting 3 sizes. Senya Crushers now offers an entire highly mobile aggregate processing plant easily producing 200-500 tons per day, sorting three sizes of material directly loading to the dump trucks, all run by a single operator loading the plant with skid steer and controlled by remote, all for less than $180k!!

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Why Choose Senya Tech’s Micro Screen Plant?

Our rock and material sorting screen plant pairs perfectly with our MICRO rock crushers processing up to 80 tons per hour — in fact, this aggregate screen is powered by the existing generator in our Micro crushers, so no additional power source is needed. Our MICRO Screen Plant utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology polyethylene screens lasting up to 5X longer than traditional wire screens. Featuring all electric motors with “Plug and Crush” compatibility to our crushers, our portable rock crusher screen plant comes with screens sorting sizes 3″, 1.25″, and ¾” minus, but custom screen sizes are available from as small as 1/8″ to 3″ and are easily swapped out to meet all your sorting needs. Our screen plants are built on a DOT approved and titled trailer featuring extra heavy duty rims, 14 ply tires and a “break away” electric brake safety system. Operating and maintenance costs are near ZERO!

Whatever your preferences, Senya Tech will work with you to deliver an aggregate screen that exceeds expectations and stays within your budget. Our competitive financing options make a portable screen plant affordable for any business.

The Benefits of Using the Micro Screen Plant

If your business is looking to optimize the value of its aggregate production output, Senya Tech’s Micro Screen Plants are the clear choice for new equipment that fits your budget and portability for on-site processing. Our quality screener is more affordable than most from the start, and it continues to save you time and money as it streamlines your operations and eliminates material transportation cost processing on site.

Our aggregate screen plant can process many different materials greatly increasing their value as “clean” and consistently sized material. Designed primarily for aggregate and concrete, they can also be used on glass, topsoil, aggregate, asphalt, granite countertop scrap, and many other materials needing to be graded to size. You’ve never seen a pile of rocks look so PRETTY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still learning your way around screen plants and Senya Tech’s industry-leading equipment? These FAQs might help.

What Is a Screen Plant?

A screen plant is one of the most effective tools for contractors, miners, recycling companies and similar operations. It consists of a deck with a screen (or multiple screens) attached to a vibratory motor. The user loads media into the hopper feeding a conveyor to the topmost screen which vibrates and “sifts” the material by way of the adjustable vibratory motor. This encourages the smaller media to fall through to the bottom screen, easily separating the different materials or differently-sized objects and discharging them by conveyor to corresponding sized piles of material.

What Is a Portable Screen Plant?

A portable screen plant offers the same usability as a regular screen plant with the added benefit of portability. They are often slightly more compact and made with more lightweight materials to facilitate transportation, easily towed by pickup trucks to allow on site processing .

How Can I Get a Free Quote?

At Senya Tech, all you have to do is:

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  • Tell us which equipment you want a quote for

We’ll review your information and get back to you as soon as possible to learn which of our equipment best suits your needs. We then follow up with a quote on the machinery. We can also talk about our financing options, stock situation, lead times (if any- we strive to stay in stock always), and delivery options for your portable screen plant based on your offload capabilities. There’s always the option to pick up your equipment and tow it home yourself!

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Take the lead in your market and get a leg up on your competition in profitability and bidding with Senya Tech’s Micro Screen Plant. Revolutionize your aggregate processing operations, boost your bottom line, and screen away your competition today!



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