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Our Story




In 1967, Jun Sui, the founder and chief engineer of Senya Tech, was born in the city of Dalian, which lies on China’s beautiful Yellow Sea coast. Interested in science from a young age, Jun excelled in physics, and eventually went on to study nuclear engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University, one of the oldest universities in China. As the field of nuclear engineering was relatively new to China at the time, Jun found himself as one of about only one hundred nuclear engineers in the whole country.


In 2000, Jun left his position as a nuclear engineer for Amex Foster Wheeler and began his own industrial manufacturing plant in Dalian, China. Equipped with only determination and a strong work ethic, Jun created Senya Tech, one of the most reliable and advanced manufacturers of nuclear power plant equipment in all of Asia. While Jun and Senya Tech focused primarily on Air Cooled Screw Water Chilling units, over time they branched out to design and manufacture equipment to be used in coal plants as well.


In 2004, Senya Tech partnered with Hazmat of Germany to design and build an Impact Crusher. This machine became one of the most powerful Impact Crushers in the world, with an output capacity of 2,000 tph. This was Jun and Senya Tech’s first foray into Crushers, and the company would soon shift its focus towards exclusively developing and designing similar machinery.

Coming to America


In 2013, growing weary of the fast-paced life on China’s industrialized coast, Jun and his family moved to America to start a new life and expand Senya Tech. After touring major cities from Los Angeles to Boston and everywhere in between, they eventually settled on Cary, NC, located just outside of the state’s capital Raleigh. Jun, his wife Yin, and their two sons fell in love with the small town’s lush forests and quiet neighborhoods. Their sons were also excited by the area’s proximity to bustling Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, and the wealth of educational opportunities available to them.

Since establishing a Senya Tech office in nearby Apex, NC, Jun has been hard at work meeting with American contractors and discussing their unique project needs. As Jun tells both staff and customers alike, Senya Tech is all about the service. Our main goal is to think from the customer’s side. When Senya Tech sells an Impact Crusher or a Jaw Crusher, we’re not just selling a piece of equipment. We are selling our impeccable service, our engineering expertise, and most of all our integrity.

Manufacturing in USA!


Due to rapidly increasing sales and production demands, Senya Crushers moved the production of their MICRO Crusher Lineup to Raleigh, North Carolina. Having completed the company goal to duplicate all components of major aggregate processing plants on a “MICRO” level, all components of the MICRO Plant are now made 100% in the USA.


Current Projects

Senya Tech has sold its machines all across the Southeast and the Caribbean, has several dealers in the US, and is now rapidly expanding it’s nationwide dealer network. Jun is currently finishing the design of our newest products, the highly mobile corresponding screen plant to our Micro Crusher line of Jaw Crushers, as well as a one of a kind Micro Impact Crusher along the scale of mobility and production capacities achieved in our Senya 2 and 3. The revolutionary Micro Crusher line is designed for contractors who work in residential areas that would be unnavigable by traditional machines, as well as allowing for processing on site to eliminate the considerable transportation cost aspect of aggregate materials. The possibilities these machines offer the exploding concrete recycling industry are endless. A key asset of our Micro Crusher line is the machines feature electric motors driven by an electric generator built into the machines, just under the feeder section. The lack of a diesel engine or hydraulics eliminate the high maintenance costs of those systems, as well as allowing for the ultimate in compact size and portability.  Jun has spent a lot of time designing, testing, and pioneering this exciting new category in the crusher industry, and he is confident that it will be perfect for not only residential contractors, but also individuals who need a crusher for a few personal projects, but aren’t ready to commit to some of our larger and costlier units.

Jun and Senya Tech are committed to expanding the crusher market in the United States and abroad. 

The next phase of the company’s expansion will be in the wet concrete recycling category as well and entirely mobile wet concrete plants. The advantages of on site processing and producing continue to inspire Jun to explore new options to save the small to mid-sized contractor significant sums of money.

Rest and Relaxation

When he is not working on new designs or meeting with customers on job sites, Jun enjoys hitting the golf course with friends and associates. He also tries to get a good swim in when possible. More than anything though, Jun likes to spend time with his wife and sons. On weekends, they enjoy bicycling together along the Capital Area Greenway trails. Jun’s favorite activity at home is cooking. While he still cooks traditional Chinese cuisine in his kitchen, he has grown to love grilling “steakers” in his backyard.

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