Senya 3 Portable Jaw Rock Crusher


Portable Jaw-Crushing Plant for Highly Profitable Operations

The Senya 3 Portable Jaw Rock Crusher is the ultimate portable jaw-crushing plant. This USA-manufactured machine features a built-in diesel generator. Leverage the pickup towable jaw crusher to boost your on-site rock-crushing efficiency — pull in, set up and start crushing within 10 minutes.

The Senya 3 Portable Jaw Rock Crusher is revolutionary, helping small to midsize contractors streamline aggregate processing by providing an on-site alternative to major aggregate processing and producing plants. Get started by requesting a quote.

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Benefits Of Choosing The Senya 3 Portable Crushing Plant

Senya Crushers has been a global pioneer in creating compact rock crushers and related equipment for decades, helping contractors expand their on-site rock-crushing capabilities. The Senya 3 Portable Jaw Rock Crusher delivers various benefits.

Mobile and Agile Design Simplifying Transportation

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Mobile and Agile Design Simplifying Transportation

The Senya 3 Portable Jaw Rock Crusher is compact and easily towable with your pickup truck. Deliver the rock crusher on-site, set it up, drop its legs and start tipping raw materials for maximum crushing capability.

Add the MICRO Screen Plant and MICRO Conveyor for the entire MICRO Plant, producing and sorting three sizes at 200-300 tons per day, loading directly to the dump trucks and run and loaded by a single operator with remote and a skid steer.

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Eliminate Demo Disposal and Aggregate Purchase Costs, Boosting Profit and Winning More Bids

Eliminate Demo Disposal and Aggregate Purchase Costs, Boosting Profit and Winning More Bids

Eliminate transport fees and minimize demolition disposal and tipping expenses with the Senya 3.

On-site aggregate processing with Senya Crushers’ rock-crushing equipment means you don’t need to transport raw materials to off-site facilities, giving you greater control over the quality and customization of final aggregates. The Senya 3 is competitively priced, helping you see a return on investment — typically within months of purchase.

Need help getting started with the initial investment? We offer financing options to help you crush your goals. Get assistance with Approve — apply in 60 seconds and pay as low as $2,134 per month.

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Amplified Efficiency for Streamlining Your Aggregate Processing

Amplified Efficiency for Streamlining Your Aggregate Processing

The Senya 3 features a magnetic conveyor, improving your construction crushing efficiency by feeding materials quickly into the pulverizing mechanism. The hardness of materials is a non-issue with our MICRO Crushers.

The secret is in our massive flywheels. The expertly engineered, innovative flywheel mechanisms incorporate tremendous crushing power in such a small space and chassis. The result is unrivaled portable crushing efficiency with low maintenance and exceptional durability. These machines eat the hardest of materials, like popcorn.


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Versatile Upgrades and Customization Supporting Your Applications

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Versatile Upgrades and Customization Supporting Your Applications

The Senya 3 Portable Jaw Rock Crusher is customizable to your requirements. Boost your crushing capabilities with various optional upgrades:

  • Dust suppression spray-and-mist combo system: Senya Crushers continues to push the technology of MICRO Crushing with a new dust suppression spray-and-mist combo system. Mist for minimal usage (5 gallons per hour) when water is at a premium or add spray when water supply is unlimited. The fully adjustable system delivers the ultimate dust suppression.
  • Magnetic conveyor: The jaw-crushing plant features a magnetic conveyor that automatically removes all wire, rebar and other metals and tosses them in a pile to the side. This upgrade is a must-have if you’re crushing concrete.
  • Step-down transformer: The step-down transformer from the three-phase 480-voltage generator output provides 20 amps of 220-volt or 30 amps of 110-volt service on-site. Benefit from the 30-max tons per hour rock crushing capacity, 11-inch by 19-inch feed opening and 40-kilowatt generator power.
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Diesel over Electric powered, the most efficient and dependable possible

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Diesel over Electric powered, the most efficient and dependable possible

The Senya 3 Portable Jaw Crusher has a USA made, serviced, and warrantied 40-kilowatt Yanmar-powered electric generator installed just under the feeder. This single generator can power the ENTIRE MICRO PLANT, the Jaw Crusher, Screen Plant, and up to three MICRO Conveyors! There’s even enough power left over to boost efficiency further with the optional step-down transformer upgrade option for on-site 220-voltage and 110-voltage power!

Do direct drive engines. No tracks and hydraulics and the associated high serviced and maintenance costs, especially critical in the harsh and extreme environment of crushing on small portable chassis.

The USA-made, self-contained generator is inside the machine, so there’s no need to buy a separate generator to start crushing. The motors are electric and powered by the generator, so you save on maintenance costs associated with hydraulic systems. The Senya 3 is the ultimate cost-effective solution, running all day on about $40 of diesel fuel!


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Boosting Your Job Efficiency and Bottom Line With the Portable MICRO Jaw Crushing Plant

Count on this custom, USA-made, serviced and warrantied diesel generator to boost your construction operations efficiency. The generator control panel is in the machine control panel, providing maximum protection with low-level warnings and ease of start-up. Control the Crusher with the wireless remote while loading from a skid steer — a single operator easily runs it!

The Senya 3 features the Yanmar 4TNV98C-GGE Engine. The legendary mechanism is known for its durability in harsh environments and extreme conditions. You can’t get a better tier 4 final certified diesel generator to last “almost forever” and backed by the industry-leading warranty by U.S. service centers.

The robust and low-maintenance design of the portable jaw-crushing plant means rapid crushing and minimal downtime, optimizing your operations.

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Senya 3

30 t/h (Max)
Rock Crushing Capacity

11″ x 19″
Feed Opening

40 kw
Generator Power

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Maximize your on-site crushing capabilities with the cost-effective Senya 3 Portable Jaw Rock Crusher. Senya Crushers manufactures all equipment on U.S. soil. We offer in-person, on-site and expert training with every machine delivered to you, plus factory technician field support when you need us.

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