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Senya Crushers is proud to deliver machinery and products 100% made in the USA. Our MICRO Crushers are manufactured in Raleigh, North Carolina, and distributed nationwide. Our homegrown manufacturing means we offer first-class products and upgrades.

We continue to push the envelope as world-class and industry-leading pioneers in the MICRO Crushing category in aggregate processing engineering. We provide cutting-edge technology and unmatched results.


American Quality — Elevating Heavy Equipment Standards

Senya Crushers offers unbeatable crushing power, providing portable, durable and efficient machines. Our crushers increase production speed while reducing costs, ensuring you get maximum profits and return on investment. Our skilled and friendly team is ready to assist you.

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Industry Innovations and Rock Crusher Upgrades 

We offer advanced technology and reasonably priced machines that help you process aggregates and minerals without hassle. At Senya Crushers, we understand that no project or operation is the same. A benefit of exclusively manufacturing products in the U.S. is that we can provide upgrades and customizations to meet your specific application. Some of our rock crusher features and upgrades include:

  • Integrated, single-piece motor mount and jaw frame.
  • Oversized vibratory motors and reinforced HD motor mount design.
  • Upgraded magnetic conveyor option for enhanced material handling.
  • Enhanced innovative dust suppression system for environmental compliance.
  • Upgraded USA made 40-kilowatt generator for power reliability of the entire MICRO Plant.

Why Choose Rock Crushers Made in the USA?

Investing in heavy equipment and machinery from the U.S. matters for various reasons:

  • Quality and reliability: U.S.-made rock crushing equipment is a testament to American ingenuity, offering you the highest quality standards. American manufacturers adhere to stringent benchmarks and regulations, and equipment must be able to withstand rigorous performance testing.
  • Support and service: By opting for made-in-USA machinery, you gain access to robust support systems and unparalleled local service. All parts and components are in stock as well.  
  • Job creation and economic impact: Purchasing locally-made equipment helps boost the U.S. economy by creating jobs and contributing to domestic markets and industry. 
  • Environmental sustainability: American-made equipment must adhere to strict environmental regulations. These regulations mean local manufacturers champion sustainable practices.

Invest in American-Made Machines With Senya Crushers

Senya Crushers leverages decades of experience to deliver quality products and innovation. We provide: 

  • Cutting-edge machines: Senya Crushers was the first organization to offer a MICRO aggregate processing line. We focus on technological advancements, ensuring we continue to be the pioneers.
  • High return on investment: We’ve set the stage for small to medium-sized contractors to enhance their on-site processing power. Our solutions enable maximum efficiency and profitability, supporting your business’s bottom line. 
  • All the USA-made benefits: We demonstrate the tangible benefits of investing in products made in the USA, especially having all parts and components in stock. Our team delivers exceptional support and service with each purchase. We also ensure you get quality products and enhance your sustainability — and, of course, you get the satisfaction of knowing you are positively contributing to the nation’s economic growth. 

Revolutionize Your Rock-Crushing Capabilities Today

At Senya Crushers, we’re dedicated to helping you minimize your process costs, boost efficiency and make healthy profits. A win for you is a win for us and the U.S. economy. All our locally manufactured products are high quality, reasonably priced and robust.

Our specialized, responsive team will provide on-site, in-person training with every rock crusher you purchase. We’ll help you get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

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Check out the Made in USA Upgrades below:

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Integrated Single Piece Motor Mount and Jaw frame

  • Reduces vibration by almost 80%!
  • Massive flywheels
  • Unmatched crushing power — double our competitors
  • Longer jaw life and bearing durability
  • Overall significant reduction of wear and tear
  • 85 Decibel sound level taken at 10′ from the entire MICRO Plant running (not crushing),
  • Equivalent to a dishwasher or blender volume
a blue and white piece of metal with holes in it

Heavy Duty Feeder Wear Plates

  • 1″ thick steel wear plates
  • Load hopper from almost any reasonable height
  • Keep hopper fuller for maximum feed and production rate
  • Unlimited feeder life
a close up of a machine with a hose attached to it

Upgraded Oversized Vibratory Motors and Reinforced HD Motor Mount Design

  • Upgraded vibratory motors
  • Same size motors as our larger Senya 6 and PP600 for longer motor life
  • Added strength and durability
a close up of a conveyor belt on a machine

Single Piece 5x Banded V Belt

  • Even stretching and wear of single belts
  • Eliminates the need to maintain tension on 5 separate belts
  • Eliminates rolling of individual belts
  • Available as an upgrade for older models
a close up of a tire with a warning label on it

Heavy Duty 8 Lug Rims and 16-Ply Tires

  • 4k lb. capacity each
  • 4 x 4K lb. = 16K lb. capacity on 13.8K lb. machine
  • 16 ply H rated tires for up to 70 mph speeds
  • 4800 lb. rated tires x 4 = 19.2K lb. capacity
  • Minimal to no rim flex in tight turns, tighter lugs
a bulldog trailer axle is sitting on the ground

16K lb. Axle Capacity on 13.8k lb. Machine!

  • Dual 8k lb. axles
a sticker that says gvwr 727 kg ( 1600lb ) on it

DOT Approved and VIN’d USA Designed and Manufactured Trailer

  • Title with VIN on every machine
  • Only the finest quality trailer chassis available
  • Every safety and durability upgrade available
  • 8″ welded to 5″ double channel EXTRA Heavy duty frame for minimal flex and vibration, 13″ total frame height
a device that says break away system on it

Break Away Electric Brake System

  • Greatly improved safety
  • Integrated auto-charge battery
  • Battery test lights
  • Brake clip that automatically engages brake in the event of disconnection from trailer while moving
  • Standard 7-blade hookup

LED Brake and Running Lights

  • Extra long running and license plate bulb life
a chain is attached to a metal object with a ring on it

US Standard 3″ Lunette Ring Hitch

  • Standard Pintle Hitch hookup
  • Fits multiple size pintle/ball-type hitches
  • Easy hookup
a picture of a usa molded polyethylene marine grade fuel tank

USA Molded Marine Grade Moeller Fuel Tank

  • The finest Quality Marine Grade 13 gallon tank
  • Entire MICRO Plant runs all day on a single tank
  • HD Polyethylene construction molded in Sparta, TN
  • Designed for maximum durability in harsh and extreme environments 
  • No rust in fuel
  • HD diamond plate aluminum enclosure
  • External easy access fuel port
  • Enclosure is an excellent working platform for jaw work

12k lb. Capacity HD “Drop Down” Leg Jacks

  • 6 X 12K lb. capacity leg jacks
  • The ultimate in durability in the harsh and extreme environment of crushing
  • Quick raising and lowering with “Drop Down” leg feature
  • 90-degree swivel handle for added torque under load
a sign that says sonya crushers on it

Heavy Duty Footpads included with every Crusher

  • 2′ square x 4″ thick footpads
  • Minimizes vibration wear and tear
  • Absolutely crucial to a long life for your crusher
a man stands behind a machine that has the word ridge on it

40KW Generator Powers the Entire MICRO Plant

  • Legendary Yanmar Engine powered generator, famous for durability in harsh and extreme environments
  • Crusher, Screen Plant, Conveyor, Step Down transformers all “Plug and Play”
  • All components wired to work off single power source generator in the Senya 3 Crusher
  • All jacks and cables included and installed
  • Dedicated relays and breakers for each component in control panel
a dust suppression spray and mist combo system is being used on a conveyor belt

Dust Suppression System Option

  • Full Spray 3 nozzle sprayer system when unlimited water supply available
  • 1/2 gallon per hour mister nozzles, standard 10 mister configuration for limited water supply situations
  • Fully adjustable combo spray/mist system for all situations
  • Zero dust in residential or tight urban areas for the entire MICRO plant production line
a poster for hardlock shows nuts and bolts

HardLock Nuts on Key Points

  • Hard Lock nuts have 5X the locking power of traditional lock nuts
  • Used in key points of extreme impact and vibration such as the jaw plate brackets
an advertisement for integrated vlr precleaner filter introduction

Enginaire Triple Air Filtration

  • Centrifugal Prefilter removes 90% of particles before they reach the filter cartridge
  • Dual-stage cyclonic filter after the filter
  • Extreme Coarse and fine particle removal
  • Triple filtration on the engine for extra-long engine life
  • 2X Triple filtration on the generator for the ultimate in winding life
  • Extends air filter life up to 5X
  • Simply the ultimate air filtration and engine protection in the harsh and extreme environment of crushing
a picture of a magnetic conveyor upgrade option

Magnetic Conveyor Upgrade Option for Senya 3 — Available Now!

  • Magnetic Conveyor automatically removes rebar, wire, and all metals
  • Mounts over Discharge conveyor of Senya 3
  • powered by Senya 3 generator
a person is working on an electrical box with a breaker and outlets

Integrated Step Down Transformer!

  • 20 amps of 220v or 30 amps of 110v service for electric hammers, welders, and other accessories for on-site service
  • integrated inside the crusher walls for anti-theft security on the transformer

DOT-Approved Radial Yard Upgrade Option to Our MICRO Conveyor in Stock Now!

  • Distribute your piles across your yard in a radius without having to reposition crusher, screen plant, or conveyor
  • The only single-axle DOT-approved MICRO Radial yard conveyor in the world!
  • Drop-down wheels at 90 degrees to main axle and wheels allow you to easily move the conveyor discharge point to start a new pile
  • Retractable radial distribution wheels crank up for conveyor transport
  • check out the video here: MICRO Conveyor Radial Yard Upgrade

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