Small Portable Rock and Concrete Crushers

Senya Crushers is proud to be the world leader in pioneering the MICRO Crushing category of highly portable crushing machinery for on site processing. Jaw crushers are the primary and most prevalent type of heavy machinery used to crush rocks and concrete. Also known as MICRO crushers, our highly portable smaller jaw crushers are commonly found on demolition and construction projects of the small to mid-sized contractor, and our larger equipment in mining, concrete recycling, aggregate and ore processing plants worldwide.

Portable concrete jaw crushers rely on a moving and fixed opposing jaw plate to crush rocks and concrete. Because of the way these mobile crushers are designed, the abrasive materials are easily compressed and broken down into a preset crushing size, saving time, effort and money on the job site.

When it comes to the top company offering the best portable jaw crusher for sale, Senya Crushers is known for its superior quality, cutting edge technology and superior customer service.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Small Portable Crusher

There are two main types of portable crushers — portable jaw crushers for rock and concrete crushing and portable impact crushers for on-site crushing.

When choosing which type of small portable crusher would be best for your job site, there are several factors you’ll want to consider, such as:

  • Required crushing capacity and output size: Will the portable crusher be capable of breaking down the specific size and density of the rocks and concrete you have on your site? Can it break it down to the right output size for further processing or desired applications?
  • Power source and fuel efficiency: How is the crusher powered? Portable crushers can use diesel fuel or electricity, while some may use a combination of both. Senya Crushers utilizes the maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance costs of the cutting edge diesel over electric technology.
  • Ease of maintenance and spare parts availability: Will you easily be able to service and receive support on your small portable crusher when you need it most? Choosing a crusher that offers an easy-to-use and maintain system, customer support and easily accessible spare parts will ensure your operations run smoothly day in and day out.
  • Material Being Processed: The hardness and type of material being processed can be a major consideration. Concrete with wire and rebar require a jaw crusher, soft and gummy asphalt is processed better by an impact crusher.

Features and Benefits of Small Portable Crushers

  • With their heavy-duty components yet small size, concrete portable crushers are suitable for an array of applications, including:
  • Construction and demolition waste recycling.
  • Small-scale quarrying and mining operations.
  • Landscaping and excavation projects.
  • Glass Recycling, Granite countertop scrap recycling.

No matter which type of small concrete crusher you go with, these small portable crushers can enhance your job site capabilities and efficiency. The compact size allows for easy transportation, allowing you to move from one location to the next.

Whether you need to crush rocks, stone, concrete or other types of materials, these crushers are capable of handling an array of materials and producing different grades of aggregates — all while offering a cost-effective solution because you’ll be handling the crushing yourself on site.

Senya 3 Portable Jaw Crusher MADE IN THE USA

  • Diesel Generator Enclosed, USA Made with Legendary Yammar Engine
  • Pull with 3/4 ton Pickup Truck
  • 18″ x 11″ Crusher Jaw Opening 
  • Electronic motors powered by generator, no Hydraulics to service 
  • Remote Control standard equipment
  • MICRO SCREEN PLANT OPTION, no additional power source needed!
  • MADE IN USA!!!
  • Personally Designed by the Owner
  • The ONLY Micro Crushers with USA made, titled and VIN’d chassis

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Senya 6 Portable Jaw Crusher

  • 100% Portable, PULL with a DUMP TRUCK or Large Pickup!
  • High Crushing Capacity, 80 TONS PER HOUR!
  • 16″ X 24″ Crushing Jaw Opening
  • Magnetic Convey removes rebar and wire
  • The ONLY Micro Crusher with a USA made, titled and VIN’d chassis

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Senya PP600 Jaw Crusher

  • Up to 80 TONS PER HOUR!
  • Highly Portable, Pull with Tractor Truck
  • 16″ x 24″ Crusher Jaw Opening
  • Fines and Magnetic Conveyors standard
  • Creates Very Small Material

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What is the History of the Jaw Crusher?

Looking for a fast, convenient solution to crushing rocks in the mining industry, inventor Eli Whitney Blake of New Haven, CT. developed the first machine used for crushing stone back in 1858. Nephew of the cotton-gin inventor Eli Whitney, Blake had a gift for mechanical engineering, and learned his craft at his famous uncle’s arms factory, the Whitney Armory. In 1835 Blake turned the factory into a hardware factory with the goal to create solutions to problems in the mining industry. Then, on June 15, 1858, Blake was granted US patent No. 20,542 for a “machine for crushing stone”. This machine was eventually used all over the country to build roads while serving the main purpose of replacing manual and costly labor teams of men with hammers, with machines that do the job faster, and at a significantly lower cost. Since then, portable jaw crusher manufacturers like Senya Crushers have evolved the technology to meet the contemporary needs of today’s toughest projects. Senya Crushers has a world wide reputation for offering the best portable jaw crusher for sale on the market with nothing short of the most cutting-edge technology as we pioneer the MICRO Crushing category in the aggregate processing industry.

What Does a Portable Jaw Crusher Do for the Small to Mid-sized Contractor?

If you are experienced in the world of mining, demolition, construction, city planning and development, asphalt production or quarrying, then you are likely well aware of portable jaw crushers and what they can do for a project. The beauty of Senya Crushers MICRO Crushers is that we have duplicated every component of the major aggregate processing plants on a MICRO level, giving the small to mid-sized contractor unprecedented portability, efficiency, affordability and most important of all PROFITABILITY in crushing for themselves instead of paying to dispose of their demolition to plants that process it and then sell it back to them as base aggregate for the same job!


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From tackling small-scale mining operations to excavation projects, our lineup of mobile jaw crushers and portable impact crushers can help you get the job done. If you’re a small to mid-size contractor, our portable crushers are small and versatile enough to tackle all your needs and project goals.

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