While Senya Crushers small portable rock crushers have always been at the top of the quality charts, ever since the company moved overseas production to the United States, demand has skyrocketed. Manufactured in Raleigh, North Carolina, some impressive upgrades have been made to the micro crusher lineup, and with an increase in production capacity, more organizations are able to secure the best small portable rock crushers made in the USA, through a number of dealers located across the country.

Senya Crushers Small Portable Rock Crushers Are Now Easy to Obtain

When Senya Crushers overseas production of small portable rock crushers moved to the USA, we automatically committed to carrying a larger inventory of our lineup, with the goal to always have our machinery in stock, at all times. Even in the event that our growth outstrips production, we can get our small portable rock crushers to customers within a short few weeks now that our products won’t be spending multiple weeks at sea through cargo shipment; bringing our production to America not only improves the customer experience, but we are proud to support the US economy by creating thousands of jobs across the country, from San Diego to Raleigh.

Senya Crushers small portable rock crushers are also easy to finance. Senya Crushers has a large number of lenders who fiercely compete with one another to earn your business, and this process helps to ensure that you get affordable rates, with easy payment plans that won’t stress your wallet.

When Purchasing Small Portable Rock Crushers, Made in America Matters

According to our data collected over the last few years, the fact our small portable rock crushers are made in America was the leading reason why organizations switched over to our line of machinery. Senya Crushers already had the reputation for offering high-quality small portable rock crushers, but when we moved overseas productions to the US, and found ways to improve our already outstanding quality along with improving the customer experience, the demand for our small portable rock crushers exploded. With all components now in stock at all times, we’ve even been able to even take our already exemplary service and maintenance to an unprecedented level.

In an article published by the Journal of International Business Studies titled “Country-of-Origin Effects on Product Evaluation” by Warren J. Bilkey and Erik Nes, the country of origin of products has a direct effect on buyer evaluations. First of all, products made in China are regarded as being inferior while American-made products have the reputation of adhering to higher quality and safety standards. This is especially true in the world of heavy machinery, as in order to be an option for various organizations, the manufacturing centers must meet the highest standards and guidelines, which Senya Crushers has definitely achieved when it moved overseas productions to the US.

The Senya 3 Small Portable Rock Crusher Is an American Favorite

Now made in the USA, the Senya 3 small portable rock crusher is regarded as being the best self-enclosed, USA diesel generator powered solution that can be crushing material within 10 minutes of setup. Some of the changes that were made once production was brought to the USA include the following:

  • Larger flywheels
  • A reduction in vibration by roughly 80 percent
  • Longer bearing durability
  • Greater jaw life
  • Stronger crushing power
  • Overall reduction in wear and tear standards
  • Achieved 85 decibel sound level taken at 10’ from the micro plant
  • Running volume (not crushing volume) is now equivalent to running your dishwasher or blender
  • Upgrade in oversized vibratory motors
  • Reinforced HD motor mount design
  • Single piece 5X banded V belts are utilized
  • Upgrade to 16 ply tires
  • Upgrade to 8 lug rims
  • Improved axle capacity (Bulldog trailer axles)
  • Break away electric brake system
  • Highest quality trailer chassis
  • Multiple durability and safety upgrades
  • LED running lights
  • Every machine has a title with a VIN

In addition, heavy duty feeder wear plates of 1” thick steel are utilized, and workers are able to load the hopper from any reasonable height. There have also been significant changes that enable the hopper to remain full for maximum feed and production rate. Finally, unlimited feeder life has been achieved thanks to our innovations.

Call Senya Crushers Today and Discover How Our Upgraded, Made in America Small Portable Rock Crushers Can Help You Hit Your Growth Goals

Whether you stand to make thousands of extra dollars every quarter by being able to produce your own aggregate on site without using large machinery, cut labor costs, or create greater efficiency, Senya Crushers small portable rock crushers are designed around the most common needs and challenges faced by the demolition and construction industries, and there are numerous ways our equipment can help your organization improve productivity while cutting costs. Call today and discover the benefits in owning one of our made in America small portable rock crushers!