Continuing to add to our new MICRO category in Construction Equipment, Senya Tech is excited to introduce our new revolutionary line of MICRO CONVEYORS as well as a full line of CONVEYORS to suit your every need!

Building on the success of our unique MICRO CRUSHERS we have added the perfect accessory to our machines that further REDUCES COSTS and ADDS PROFIT.

Unlike most other Stacker Conveyors, our MICRO CONVEYORS utilize a cleated belt deep trough technology allowing for a much steeper “angle of convey” resulting in a much shorter conveyor length to reach the discharge heights needed to “reach the truck”. And just like our MICRO CRUSHERS, they are extremely mobile with a DOT approved solid axle easily pulled by even the smallest pickup truck.

In short, we now have an extremely portable and compact tandem that eliminates the labor, time, and machine wear and tear on loaders to load your aggregate STRAIGHT TO THE TRUCK. Just plug in the conveyor to you MICRO CRUSHER generator and let the machines do the work. As with our MICRO CRUSHERS, the response is the same every time-“Wow!” And this is all still accomplished with electric motors and no hydraulics.

As with our MICRO CRUSHERS, there is nothing even remotely close to the size, portability, output capacity, and price point of these conveyors with retails starting at  $13,985. When the new Micro screen plants arrive early next year, we will have a highly mobile Micro crushing plant sorting two sizes and auto loading for around $100K.

The next lowest price point on any crushing equipment is several hundred thousand dollars more, not to mention takes a tractor trailer to move if at all.

Give us a call, we’d love to tell you more and show you how to get more of what everyone can’t have enough of: PROFIT!