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HC Series Impact Crushers

HC Series Impact Crushers are built on advanced technology with a combination of domestic applications. The overall structure is simple, practical and reasonable.


  • Strong product commonality can reduce cost
  • Static and dynamic balancing test for the welding rotor should be done before assembling.
  • Unique locking device for hammers makes the tightening moment of force more safe and bigger.
  • Simple structure for impact racks and grinding racks.

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3-in-1 Impact Crusher

The 3-in-1 Impact Crusher is built to create fine material out of whatever you want to crush. The 3-in-1 also comes with a built in vibrating screen. The screen can separate your fine material from your larger sized pieces, and send them back into the Impact Crusher to be downsized again.

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VSI Series Vertical Impact Crusher

VSI Series Vertical Impact Crushers with International-level and High-performance sand making equipment are developed and manufactured by Germany advanced technology which is brought in by our company.

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