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The Best Portable Jaw Crusher for Sale

Senya Crushers is proud to be the leading brand offering the best jaw crusher on the market. As you know, a jaw crusher is heavy machinery used to crush rocks and concrete. Also known as micro crushers, a jaw crusher is commonly found in demolition and construction projects, as well as mining and ore processing plants where rocks are crushed. When it comes to the top company offering the best portable jaw crusher for sale, Senya Crushers is known for its superior quality, fleet size, and superior customer service. 

Senya PP600 Jaw Crusher

Senya 3 Portable Jaw Crusher

  • Diesel Generator Enclosed, USA Made with Legendary Yanmar Engine
  • Pull with 3/4 ton Pickup Truck
  • 18″ x 11″ Crusher Jaw Opening
  • Electric motors powered by generator, no Hydraulics to service
  • Remote Control standard equipment
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Senya PP600 Jaw Crusher

Senya 6 Portable Jaw Crusher

  • 100% Portable, PULL with a DUMP TRUCK!
  • High Crushing Capacity, 80 TONS PER HOUR!
  • 16″ X 24″ Crushing Jaw Opening
  • Magnetic Convey removes rebar and wire
  • Designed Personally by the Owner
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Senya PP600 Jaw Crusher

Senya PP600 Jaw Crusher

  • Up to 80 TONS PER HOUR!
  • Highly Portable, Pull with Tractor Truck
  • 16″ x 24″ Crusher Jaw Opening
  • Fines and Magnetic Conveyors standard
  • Creates Very Small Material
  • Personally Designed by the Owner
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What is the History of the Jaw Crusher?

Looking for a fast, convenient solution to crushing rocks in the mining industry, inventor Eli Whitney Blake of New Haven, CT. developed the first machine used for crushing stone back in 1858. Nephew of the cotton-gin inventor Eli Whitney, Blake had a gift for mechanical engineering, and learned his craft at his famous uncle’s arms factory, the Whitney Armory. In 1835 Blake turned the factory into a hardware factory with the goal to create solutions to problems in the mining industry. Then, on June 15, 1858, Blake was granted US patent No. 20,542 for a “machine for crushing stone”. This machine was eventually used all over the country to build roads while serving the main purpose of replacing manual and costly labor teams of men with hammers, with machines that do the job faster, and at a significantly lower cost. Since then, portable jaw crusher manufacturers like Senya Crushers have evolved the technology to meet the contemporary needs of today’s toughest projects, and Senya Crushers has a national reputation for offering the best portable jaw crusher for sale on the market. 

What Does a Portable Jaw Crusher Do?

If you are experienced in the world of mining, demolition, construction, city planning and development, asphalt production or quarrying, then you are likely well aware of portable jaw crushers. However, if you are a newly appointed fleet manager for a company that needs to have a certain number of portable jaw crushers, then this information may be helpful.