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If you work on job sites that have limited access, or job sites that are tight and mobility is of high importance but challenging, then Senya Crushers small portable rock crushers made in the USA will likely be a game-changer for your team, as these machines will play a critical role in maximizing profits and efficiency. This article is intended to educate construction teams who have yet to invest in small portable rock crushers, showing the primary advantages these critical pieces of equipment offer.

(1) Small Portable Rock Crushers Offer Fast Setup

With large, traditional rock crushers, the setup time can vary but usually this can take up an entire day. A team of specialists who have been trained on the machine must be present for setup, and in many cases, a great degree of preparation work must be made, as the equipment is massive in size and heavy, and it is known for impeding on valuable and limited space. With Senya Crushers small portable rock crushers, setup is fast, simple, and only requires a single operator. Why waste downtime between excavation jobs involving the removal and replacement of materials when you can invest in small portable rock crushers, engineered right here in the USA, that are set up in mere minutes?

(2) Small Portable Rock Crushers Are Inexpensive to Transport from Site to Site

Every year, organizations spend thousands of dollars to transport large rock crushing machinery; these machines require a special heavy-duty semi truck, and the cost in fuel is extremely high. It also takes a team of people and significant time just to prep these machines for transportation, and then they maintain slower speeds and have to use extra care when hauling these rock crushers on the road.

With Senya Crushers small portable rock crushers only a single person is required to prep these machines for moving to the job site, and a typical pickup or dump truck can easily tow the crushers. Due to the fact that an average pickup truck can haul small portable rock crushers, you can save thousands of dollars per year simply by avoiding large transportation shipping tasks and outrageous fuel charges.

(3) Small Portable Rock Crushers Enable Onsite Production of High-Quality Aggregates

One of the most cost-effective strategies is to produce your own aggregates onsite. Senya Crushers small portable rock crushers can process limestone, granite, basalt, shale, sand, and gravel, as well as other materials, and produce high-quality aggregate onsite. This enables construction teams to produce and use their own aggregates for current jobs in process, or they can allow other organizations to pre-order aggregates, and once produced, directly ship the material to the buyer.

(4) Senya Crushers Small Portable Rock Crushers Offers Top Crushing Power

The last thing you want is to invest in small portable rock crushers that lack the crushing power. Senya Crushers prioritized power and efficiency when engineering small portable rock crushers like the Senya 3 Portable Jaw Crusher. Made in the USA, this small portable rock crusher can crush 30 tons per hour and has a crusher jaw opening of 19’’ x 11’’ that enables workers to benefit from the same crushing power they can have with larger machines. Hardness of material is a non-issue with Senya Crushers, and they eat concrete like styrofoam.

In addition, the Senya 3 Portable Jaw Crusher has an enclosed diesel generator made in the USA with a legendary Yanmar engine, and because the machines run on electric motors powered by this generator, there are no hydraulics to service, which is not only costly, but also takes a great degree of time. In addition, no need to worry about hydraulics giving out midway through a job. Further, this same generator has enough left over power to run the companion screen plant, micro conveyor that loads directly to the truck, and even 50 amps of 100v onsite power with the optional step down transformer. It’s all “plug and crush”, the entire plant runs on the single power plant.

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All Senya Crushers small portable rock crushers are made with pride in the USA, and meet the needs and demands of construction crews, all in a cost-saving, convenient micro machine. Learn how our small portable rock crushers can provide the best solutions to your needs, and learn more about the wide range of benefits these machines provide by speaking with one of our experts.