Senya Tech’s rock crushing equipment provides a number of benefits for companies involved in construction and excavation projects. Half the cost of either the disposal or purchase of aggregate is in the transportation of the material. By crushing concrete waste on site, you can save yourself the time and expense associated with transporting those materials to a landfill. You can also use the crushed material as aggregate for your new project. Our MICRO Crushers offer a convenient, portable solution that helps you quickly process tons of concrete, asphalt, granite, and other materials.

Nonetheless, many companies are wary of spending good money on rock crushing equipment. It’s a reasonable concern: Even if a high-quality rock crusher helps save money, there seems to be a danger that those savings will only recover the funds used to purchase the equipment in the first place. If so, what’s the point of buying this kind of machine?

This is a misconception, however. When you buy a MICRO Crusher from Senya Tech, it pays for itself by sharply reducing your aggregate disposal and purchase expenses, allowing you to recoup your investment in as little as a few months. As you continue using your MICRO Crusher, the savings keep adding up—potentially for years to come.

A Sample Case

The best way to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of a MICRO Crusher is by showing a specific real-world example, using actual figures. Let’s say that you’re interested in purchasing a Senya Tech MICRO Crusher that has a list price of $88,500. With a 60-month loan and a 5% interest rate, your monthly payment comes out to $1,670.

Under the Section 179 tax deduction, you’re allowed to claim the entire purchase price, as the law has an expense cap of $1.04 million. In a 35% tax bracket, this comes out to a savings of $30,975 per year, or $2,581 per month. Please note that this is considerably more than your $1,670 monthly payment. You’re in the black before you even put your MICRO Crusher to work.

However, the savings don’t stop there. Your MICRO Crusher also allows you to dispense with two of your largest expenses: buying aggregate and removing waste materials.

The cost of buying aggregate: If we set the cost of buying aggregate at $30/ton, which includes transportation expenses, a 20-ton truckload can be priced at $600. Twenty truckloads per month—a reasonable estimate based on average activity for the mid to small sized contractor—would cost $12,000. With your MICRO Crusher, however, you will likely be able to cut these bills down to zero, as you can simply process excavated materials that are already on the site.

So, instead of paying $12,000/month on aggregate, you can pay nothing at all. That represents a huge savings.

The cost of removing materials: A related expense you will eliminate has to do with removing concrete waste and other materials from your site. Ordinarily, you are expected to shoulder the costs of getting rid of these materials. If we set the disposal price at $600 per truckload, and the number of truckloads per month at 20, then that comes out to $12,000/month.

However, if you deploy a MICRO Crusher at your site, there’s no need to transport all this waste to another location—you can simply turn it all into useful aggregate and use it as base material.

Crushing your concrete waste can completely eradicate the money and hassle associated with transporting it somewhere else. That’s another huge savings of $12,000 per month.

When you erase the costs of buying new aggregate and transporting waste material, you save $24,000/month under the scenario we have outlined above. Add this number to the positive cash flow provided by your Section 179 tax deduction, and you get a savings of $24,911 each month, or $298,932 a year. This means your MICRO Crusher pays for itself in 3.6 months.

You’re invited to use our online calculator to determine your potential financial savings based on your specific workflow and operating expenses.

It should also be noted that our MICRO Crushers have low operating and maintenance costs. We use electric motors that are powered by US made, serviced, and warrantied diesel generators, and there are only a few high-wear parts that will eventually need to be replaced. There’s no reason to worry that your MICRO Crusher will turn into a “money pit” that is more trouble than it’s worth.

With the skyrocketing costs of all materials, especially aggregate, the opposite is true. The value of your MICRO Crusher in both your bottom line profitability as well as the competitive advantage they offer in your project bids utilizing “GR$$N” recycled material will only continue to grow as time goes on.

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Senya Tech’s line of MICRO Crushers provides construction companies with the high-performance equipment they need to manage concrete waste and related excavation materials in a cost-efficient way. Feel free to contact us with your questions about our MICRO Crushers.