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When you are looking for rock crushing machines for recycling materials at jobsites, you should consider the benefits you gain with small portable rock crushers. These mobile crushers offer several advantages to larger crushing equipment and are well-suited for a variety of applications.

#1. Cost Savings

Small portable crushers provide cost savings in several ways. For starters, these mobile rock crushers tend to cost less than their larger counterparts. So investing in one requires less capital.

Next, most contractors are seeing a return on their investment within about four months. Since the crusher is onsite, you eliminate the costs you used to spend for hauling material offsite for recycling. Instead, you recycle it there at the jobsite.

Lastly, you are cutting your raw materials costs by recycling the aggregate material you crush onsite and using it for the current project or storing it for another project. Instead of having to source virgin material, which costs more, you can essentially use the material you recycled for free.

#2. Potential Revenue Stream

In certain situations, you may not want to use the material at a jobsite. For example, the project owners want you to remove the existing material and replace it with something else. In this case, your portable crushing machine can be used to recycle the existing material and sell it to another business that needs that particular material. As a result, you can create an additional revenue stream with your small mobile crushing machine.

#3. Environmentally Friendly

When you recycle material using your mobile crushing machine, you can promote your business as being environmentally friendly. In addition, your recycling efforts provide these other benefits:

  • Helps conserve natural deposits of various materials
  • Reduces material costs for your projects
  • Reduces the environmental impacts and energy costs associated with hauling material offsite
  • Prevents the material from ending up in landfills and taking up space
  • Cuts your disposal costs and fees

#4. Portability

Another of the benefits you gain with smaller rock crushing equipment is they are mobile. You can easily move the machine from one jobsite to another. In addition, the portable machine will allow you to recycle material at any of your jobsites and projects with efficiency. Some contractors find that they benefit even further when they have multiple mobile rock crushers.

#5. Expand Your Contracting Services

While you may already offer a wide range of construction and contracting services, investing in a portable crushing machine allows you to provide onsite material crushing as another service. For example, you may bid on a job, and it gets awarded to another contract.

However, they do not have a portable crushing machine. So, you could offer your onsite crushing capabilities to that contractor and still earn some revenue even though you did not win the bid for the job.

#6. Makes Material Transportation Easier

In some situations, you may be contacted to take care of demolition at a jobsite. Having a mobile crushing machine makes transporting the material easier since you can crush it up. The smaller pieces are much easier to transport to another jobsite or stored for a future project.

Plus, you will need fewer trips to move the material.

#7. Well-Suited for Smaller Spaces

Thanks to the small size of portable rock crushers, they are perfect for jobsites where you have limited space to work. They do not take up a large footprint like rock crusher plants or crawl crushing plants.

#8. Single Power Source

Mobile crushers that have micro screens and micro conveyors connected to them do not require additional power sources to operate. The micro crusher can power these components using the same power source it uses for crushing.

Types of Small Portable Rock Crushers

The most common type of portable rock crushers are jaw crushers, also known as micro crushers. They often come in different sizes and provide you with several options depending on the volume of crushing you need to process.

For example, the Senya 3 portable jaw crusher can process up to 30 tons of material per hour. This portable crusher can be pulled with a ¾-ton pickup truck. On the other hand, the Senya 6 portable jaw crusher can handle up to 80 tons per hour and can be pulled with a dump truck. It also features a magnet conveyor that removes wire and rebar.

There are also options where you can add micro screens and micro conveyors to portable rock crushing machines. These features can increase your productivity so that you can process between 200 and 500 tons of material daily, depending on the size of the crushing machine.

Invest in a Small Portable Rock Crusher Today

It is easy to get the best portable jaw crusher for your construction or contracting business from Senya Crushers. We offer a variety of different size machines to meet your crushing needs. We also offer financing options so that you can get your new portable rock crusher today. For further information or to request a free quote, contact us at 919-323-4830.