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The ability to crush concrete, rock, stone and other materials on-site gives contractors, mining firms, and construction organizations additional value for their demolition waste and simultaneously offers a low environmental impact by producing reusable material. When understanding rock crushing principals, the accouterments of bulk materials, and the types of rock crushers on the market, it will make total sense why Senya manufactures the best small portable rock crushers in the industry. 

When It Comes to Small Portable Rock Crushers, You Get The Needed Power with the Benefits of Full Portability

Don’t let the small size fool you; when it comes to small portable rock crushers like the Senya 6 or PP600, Senya’s small portable jaw crushers are engineered to crush between 60 and 80 tons per hour. This means 400-500 tons of concrete and rock can be easily crushed each day with these crushers. 

The portability of such a powerful micro rock crusher saves organizations a great degree of money. First of all, transporting full-size rock crushers is expensive in terms of fuel, renting the correct towing setup, and having to hire specialists to run larger equipment can also cost significant sums of money. 

In addition, small portable rock crushers not only eliminate the need to haul away and transport the crushed materials, you can also turn it into aggregate on site, and reuse the materials on the spot or sell them to a group that will come pick the material up upon purchase. Reusing the recycled material on site can many times bypass processing regulations as well. The Senya MICRO Crushers all have options that use heavy magnets that remove rebar wire and other metal fragments giving you clean, valuable aggregate on your worksite. 

The Senya 3 crusher can be towed to work sites by a ¾ ton pickup, eliminating the need for renting expensive trailers and specialty equipment. With Senya small portable rock crushers, you get maximum power, and cost-saving benefits. 

Small Portable Rock Crushers Have the Power to Crush Materials Down to Small Sizes

When it comes to the best small portable rock crushers like the Senya’s MICRO Crusher lineup, material can be broken down to sizes ranging from four inches down to even ⅜”, and a broad range of output sizes can enable crushed rock and several application types, from specialized counter tops to decorative swimming pool bottoms, and from ornate walkways to a road base. 

Senya 3

Small Portable Rock Crushers Provide Owners with a Fast ROI

When you invest in a small portable rock Crusher with Senya, you get a fast return on your investment. Despite their small size, these machines are highly productive and when you factor in all the cost-saving benefits that revolve around ownership, they are not only well worth the price but most people get a return on their investment within six months. These small portable rock crushers qualify for the Section 179 tax deduction, which permits you to deduct the full purchase price of your small portable rock crusher. So in reflecting on the question as to whether or not a small portable rock crusher can replace the standard, large versions, in many cases not only can it do just that, but it can pay for itself in an extremely short period while cutting cost across operations.

The Same Power in Small Portable Rock Crushers, but they Can Fit Into Small Spaces

Another reason why small portable rock crushers are better than the standard sized machinery is that they are more versatile when it comes to projects. When projects take place in busy city intersections, in a residential backyard, or on a commercial property with obstacles that can’t be moved, standard sized rock crushers have placement limitations, and in many cases transport accomodations need to be made, which incurs a great degree of manpower and funds. However, due to the fact that a Senya small portable rock crusher has comparable crushing force to larger models and can go anywhere, projects can be completed much faster, more efficiently, and when organizations have small portable rock crushers in their fleet, they are more sought after by clients because they can offer a faster service and greater convenience than the competition, not to mention the significant cost savings processing on site can offer.

Senya’s MICRO Crushers offer negligible operation costs

As Senya’s MICRO Crushers utilize electric motors powered by diesel generators, the operation and maintenance costs on a daily basis are basically the cost of the fuel. Our Senya 3 can run all day on less than $50 in fuel costs yet still produce 200-300 tons per day. The “high wear” parts are the flywheel belts, the conveyor belt, and the jaw plates themselves. The first two can last years at even high usage and can be replaced for several hundred dollars when necessary. The jaw plates last in a range of 10K-15K tons, depending on the type of material being crushed. When you replace your first set of jaw plates on your MICRO Crusher, your crusher has paid for itself several times over.

In short, processing material and especially reusing on site with Senya Crushers MICRO Crushers simply offers tremendous savings larger stationary crushers or those with significant transportation costs can not provide. 

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