Senya 3 Diesel Generator Catalyst/Exhaust PDF Filter Regeneration Process: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT


A generator only goes through this process as often as is necessary as soot/Diesel Particulate occurs and collects in the catalyst and the particulate filter.  The harder the engine works, the less likely this may occur when you are ready to shut down the generator. In a perfect world, the engine will work hard enough from time to time for this happen automatically and you not ever even notice it’s been done.

Exact time frames vary from engine to engine and crushing situation.  The amount of time between regens, and how long that they last also depends on the usage of the end customer and upon how much “idle” time the generator gets (time that the generator runs with no load.) DO NOT RUN THE GENERATOR UNDER NO LOAD FOR ANY SIGNIFICANT TIME AS SERIOUS CLOGGING OF THE FILTER CAN OCCUR REQUIRING A MANUAL REGENERATION OF THE CATALYST. This is very similar diesel engine “wet stacking”, where unburned fuel can quickly clog the tier 4 final required exhaust filtration.

Regen, or Refresh, cycles usually only last for about an hour but can be longer and/or shorter depending on the needs of the catalyst and the Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF).  As such, on working machines that will run for 4 or more hours at a time, most customers will never even notice.  However, sometimes they will, especially if the generator regularly runs at less than 30% load capacity for a large portion of the time.

If the generator is shut down during this process the generator may have to be taken to a service center to manually finish the process! IT CAN BE COSTLY TO MANUALLY REGENERATE THE DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER! THIS IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY SHOULD IT OCCUR! It can cost up to several thousand dollars depending on the service center.

Simply keep the generator running, and under load is the best and quickest way to get through the process. Even better, do not run the generator for any significant amount of time without it being under load and the process will take care of itself most always. The chances of the generator being in the middle of this process when you are ready to shut the machine down are extremely rare, but if you see the “DPF ACTIVE” or “HEST ACTIVE” message on the control panel when you are ready to shut it down, KEEP THE GENERATOR RUNNING while the process completes. The higher the load the shorter the process so running some more material is the quickest way to finish the process. Here’s a picture of what the warnings looks like:

DPF ACTIVE (catalyst regeneration in process)

HEST Active (High Exhaust System Temperature)

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on this process!