Superior Diesel and Bell Power visit Senya Crushers for intensive testing on the MADE IN USA Yanmar Powered Generator they build to power our Senya 3’s and entire MICRO Plant

We were pleased to host Alex Tomasaski from Superior Diesel and Matt Prior of Bell Power for the week as they did extensive testing on our machinery working together with their generators. Using more than 25 individual probes, parameters for temperature, heat dissipation, vibration as well as many others were intensively monitored as our machines worked under load. It looked like a massive EKG test! We’re proud to say we were given an excellent “bill of health”, as well as corroborated on some awesome design features and improvements, and systems protections for our machines and their generators.

Just another reason why Senya Crushers is leading the cutting edge of the technology as we pioneer the MICRO Processing Category in the Aggregate Processing Industry!

Thanks again for the strong support and partnership guys, couldn’t do it without you!!