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The Benefits of a MICRO Crusher

By npadmin

Dealing with concrete waste is one of the most pressing problems that must be addressed on construction and excavation sites. Tearing out old concrete typically results in a lot of excess materials that must be removed from the site or otherwise processed in some manner.


Fortunately, rock crushers provide a solution to this problem by efficiently turning all this waste into concrete aggregate that can be used for base materials. These machines can also handle many other types of materials, including asphalt, granite, basalt, and limestone.


Senya Tech’s line of MICRO Crushers provide all of the benefits of standard full-size rock crushers while providing several advantages that larger machines cannot match. Let’s look at some of the benefits of MICRO Crushers.


Quick return on investment


Highly productive despite their small size, MICRO Crushers are well worth the price. These machines qualify for the Section 179 tax deduction, which allows you to deduct the full purchase price of this equipment. We estimate that the MICRO Crusher can pay for itself in literally a matter of months, not years.


Useful for areas with limited space


Our MICRO Crushers take up considerably less space than standard large crushers. As a result, MICRO Crushers are easier to maneuver around a construction site; they also impose fewer demands when it comes to parking and storing them when they’re not in use. Finally, their small size means they can be pulled from one site to another with a vehicle of reasonable size—there’s no need for a tractor trailer.




MICRO Crushers enable you to demonstrate your dedication to protecting the environment via recycling of concrete waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Old waste materials can be used in new construction projects.


MICRO Crushers


Saves Money


More than anything else, Senya Tech’s MICRO Crushers cut down on your expenses. They achieve these cost savings in a number of ways, including:


Lower initial outlay


Because our MICRO Crushers have a lower list price than larger models, these portable machines provide an attractive option for smaller businesses in need of reliable crushing equipment that doesn’t require a huge upfront investment.


Low maintenance expenses


All our MICRO Crushers run on electric motors, rather than hydraulics or diesel engines. Furthermore, they have few high-wear components. For those reasons, their ongoing maintenance costs are considerably less than standard crushers’.


Reduced demolition removal costs


When concrete is recycled on site, you’re relieved of the burden of needing to transport all that excavated material out of the area. For worksites located in remote, hard-to-service rural regions, dispensing with construction waste material, and its associated expenses, is an especially important consideration. The cost of doing so continues to increase dramatically.


Reduced need to purchase aggregate


With the price of quality aggregate on the rise, it’s more important than ever to minimize purchasing expenses. With our MICRO Crushers, you can process hundreds of tons in aggregate per day by using existing waste, so often there’s no need to buy extra materials.


Senya Tech’s MICRO Crushers come in several models, which can process 25 to 80 tons of material per hour. Even our smallest model can easily produce hundreds of tons per day. Contact us for more information on these high-quality portable rock crushers.


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